Start Exercising With a Credit Card

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The fashion for “being fit” is probably one of the most useful trends in recent years. Poles fell in love with physical activity, as evidenced by parks full of runners or crowds at gyms. And that’s good, because sport is health, even in a recreational version. City Snowlowry decided to reward those who take care of their form on a daily basis and encourage those who lack motivation to exercise.


Promotion of City Snowlowry and WideFit – what’s going on?

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He just wants to exercise with the latest credit card from City Snowlowry. We are talking here about Black Bar, which is one of the best “loans” on the market . The card is deprived of one of the most annoying fees, i.e. the annual fee for using the card . If you use it, the bank will give you a voucher for PLN 300 to one of the most popular fitness networks in Poland WideFit.

If you think that using a credit card you will lose more than you gain, you are wrong. No annual fee alone, compared to other offers, saves up to several hundred zlotys a year! Added to this is one of the longest interest-free periods on the market, lasting up to 56 days for all non-cash transactions.

Having a Black Bar credit card, you will be able to use a special installment program, thanks to which you will spread each transaction into installments, or you will get additional cash for any purpose. However, this is not the end of the benefits. The Black Bar card is free of charges for SMS notifications, as well as fees for notifications of defaults.


Three steps to good form and a credit card                                             

Three steps to good form and a credit card                                             

To take advantage of the promotion, thanks to which you will get one of the best credit cards on the market and a gym voucher, all you have to do is go through 3 simple steps.

  1. Complete a simple form and wait for a response from a bank adviser.
  2. After receiving the credit card, log in to CitiBank Online no later than two months after signing the contract.
  3. Make a min. 5 transactions in the first and second month of concluding the card agreement. The next month you will receive a voucher. It’s really easy!


What can you do with the 300 PLN voucher for WideFit?

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It’s really up to you what you do with the voucher you receive. You can spend it on a several-month gym pass to the WideFit network for yourself or your loved ones. However, this is not the end. You can use the e-bon in the WideFit online store, where you will find a whole bunch of dietary supplements and nutrients that will allow you to keep fit.

Thanks to the voucher, you can also buy various types of training accessories, such as dumbbells, sports bags, or recently popular massage rollers. Keeping in shape with a City Simplicity credit card has never been easier and more enjoyable.


Who can take advantage of the promotion?

Who can take advantage of the promotion?

To take advantage of the promotion, you must be an adult who can boast a stable income of at least PLN 1,200. On the day the contract is signed, you must be employed at your current workplace for at least 3 months. After completing the simple form, a bank adviser will ask you to send a scan of your account statement or other document that certifies your regular income.

Interestingly, companies can also take advantage of the promotion. If you run a business, you must meet similar conditions as for individuals. The promotion is intended for people running the company for at least 2 years who have a monthly income of at least PLN 2,500 net. Remember that the decision to grant a credit card, regardless of whether you are a private individual or run a business, depends on a positive assessment of your creditworthiness.

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