Cheap Payday Loan on Bank

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Novabank offers its clients a cheap payday loan. The bank’s customers will be able to take advantage of the new and cheap payday loan. Novabank encourages its clients to take advantage of their offer through a low interest rate on the loan. In addition, the loan amount you can apply for is up to PLN 120,000, while the loan period can be set up to 108 months. The possibility of using money for any purpose is a very important issue.

For its part, the bank does not impose on its client for what purpose it should use the learned money. An important feature of the loan is also the possibility of obtaining a decision within 15 minutes. Novabank also informs that in order to enjoy a low loan interest rate, you should regularly transfer employee remuneration or pension benefits.


Additional possibilities

credit loan

Novabank offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of credit holidays. Credit holidays are available once every twelve months, subject to repayment within the first 6 installments. The customer also has the option of choosing on which day he wants to pay off his installment.

A very convenient solution is also a text reminder via SMS about the upcoming installment repayment date. In addition, the bank allows you to combine income with other family members, so that the client is able to apply for a higher loan. It is also possible to set up an automatic bank transfer, so that the customer does not have to worry about timely repayment.


More options and safe

credit insurance

The customer can also take advantage of credit insurance in one of several packages available. Basic insurance applies in the event of death and permanent disability, the additional option insures against job loss, temporary disability and serious illness. The full insurance package includes all the forms listed above.

However, if the customer decides that the amount of credit he has taken out is too small, he can apply for additional funds the next day.

Novabank is directly focused on the customer. The products at its disposal are definitely focused on the borrower’s convenience and do not allow any inconvenience.

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